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Human rights groups have welcomed the conviction of a police officer  implicated in the torture of  a detainee in the verdict made by the Municipal Trial Court in Angeles City, Pampanga  on March 29, 2016.  In his decision, Judge Ireneo  Panganiban Jr.,  has found guilty Police Officer 2  Jerick Jimenez of subjecting  Jerryme Corre to severe pain and suffering to make him admit to a crime in violation of Republic Act 9745 or the Anti-Torture Act.

The court decision is  the first of its kind since the Anti-Torture Law was enacted in 2009.  The judge had ordered PO2 Jimenez to be jailed for a maximum period of two years and four months. He also directed the convicted police officer to pay the victim P100,000.00 in moral damages.


Balay Rehabilitation Center held a Seminar on Torture Prevention, Monitoring, Documentation and Reporting for Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP) Wardens and Health Officer Torture in Cebu last March 30, 2016. The speakers include former Commission on Human Rights Regional Director Atty. Alejandro Alonso Jr., officials from the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology National Headquarters and representatives from Balay Rehabilitation Center. Participants composed of 55 BJMP Wardens and Jail Officers from different jails in the Visayas.


Professionals  from different government agencies participated in a study session on torture prevention and rehabilitation organized by Balay Rehabilitation Center  in  Albay in Bicol province on February 23-24, 2016. The 2-day activity gathered 36 participants which included   healthcare providers, lawyers, and social workers from the regional offices of the Department of Health, Department of Social Welfare and Development, the Public Attorney’s Office. Members of the Philippine National Police, the Department of Justice, and civil society organizations  in Albay province and Naga City  also joined the event.


Balay Honors Heroines of the Martial Law Era

Balay honors women survivors of torture (third from left to right: May Rodrigquez, Hilda Narcisso, Mel Laurenaria and Minda Upalda). Women who have greatly contributed to Balay's work were likewise honored (left to right: Inda Olayer represented by her husband Jojo, Daisy Valerio; bottom: Agnes Rio)Quezon City – In commemoration of the 26th year anniversary of the declaration of martial law, Balay Rehabilitation Center, together with various civil society organizations, activists and individuals, paid tribute to women torture survivors who contributed in the struggle to establish democracy in the Philippines.

In the activity entitled, "Celebrating Life and Journey to Healing of Heroines of the Martial Law Era", Balay, showcased four testimonies of women who have been tortured during the martial law era. Their stories provided the participants with an idea of f the struggles and suffering they have experienced during the Marcos dictatorship. Their narratives also highlighted their inspiring abilities to manage, cope and build a beautiful and bright future that is full of love and hope despite the ordeal they went through. Each testimony was greeted with a ritual of affirmation and solidarity by those who participated in the event.

Young people sang songs, recited poetry, and staged a play extolling the courage of the women who stood against oppression. Family members and friends of the women who shared their stories gave heartfelt messages of appreciation and admiration. The women who participated in the testimonial therapy were: Hilda Narcisso, Minda Upalda, Mel Laurenaria and May Rodriguez.

Testimonial Therapy

Testimonial therapy is a therapeutic activity where traumatic experiences are retold and showcased publicly. With the help of a psychologist and a documentor, traumatic life events are recalled and reframed, highlighting the more positive aspects within the traumatic life experience such as the coping process, strengths exhibited despite adverse life conditions and the eventual triumph of the victim/survivor over trauma. The testimonial therapy's conscious effort to highlight the strengths over the grim and often depressing parts of the traumatic experience is believed to promote the healing of a victim/survivor. Aside from its therapeutic functions, testimonial therapy is also an avenue for advocacy. The stories showcased are a testament to the violence and brutality of the era of the Marcos dictatorship. They are reminder that justice has not fully been served as well. And, it is a testament that many people still suffer from the inhuman practice of torture long after the democratic rule has been restored in 1986. The testimony of the victim/survivor may also serve as a source of strength for other individuals who have experienced the same fate. More importantly, the testimonial therapy, just as the theme of the activity suggests, is a "celebration of life". That despite traumatic life events, life is, as the women victim/survivors have showcased, still full of hope, beauty and love.

Heroines of the Martial Law Era

After honoring women torture survivors during the martial law era, tribute was also paid to the heroines of Balay – women who have greatly contributed in Balay's work. Among the women who have been honored were Daisy Valerio, Agnes Rio and Inday Olayer (represented by her husband). Near the end of the activity, women who have fought the dictatorship and contributed in restoring democratic rule in the country were called up on the stage, given flowers, and honored for their invaluable contribution. To close the activity, the group sang "Bayan Ko" ("My Nation") to remember and thank the countless individuals, especially the women, who have made the ultimate sacrifice for the sake of the country's betterment and democracy.