Believing that education is a right and considering that in Pikit, education is a privilege, BALAY initiated the adopt-a-school scheme in its educational support to the elementary children.

Through our strong links with the Department of Education Region 12 and our efforts in promoting children as zones of peace, we were able to identify the 7 elementary public schools in the Space for Peace areas in Pikit, North Cotabato and 7 schools in the riverside barangays to be provided with school materials and supplies. The 14 -barangay elementary and primary schools are as follows:

GiNaPaLaDTaka Schools

  1. Ginatilan Elementary School

  2. Lagundi Elementary School

  3. Panicupan Elementary School

  4. Nalapaan Elementary School

  5. Kalakacan Primary School

  6. Takepan Central Elementary School

  7. Dalengaoen Primary School

Riverside Schools

  1. Bagoinged Elementary School

  2. Barongis Primary School

  3. Buliok Elementary School

  4. Bulod Primary School

  5. Bulol Primary School

  6. Kabasalan Primary School

  7. Talitay Primary School

Apart from the public schools, it also identified 11 day care centers in the Spaces for Peace barangays: Takepan (4 DCC), Dalengaoen, Panicupan, Nalapaan (3 DCC), Ginatilan and Kalakacan and 2 in the Riverside barangays as well as Madrasahs or Arabic schools in Panicupan, Takepan, Nalapaan, Dalengaoen and Lagunde as part of the adopt-a-school. For these, we were able to provide school and therapeutic materials for the day care students and Arabic schools and assistance in the development or construction of madrasahs and Day care centers.