Displacement Updates: June 2005 - 2006

Internal displacement in the Philippines is most pervasive in areas where militarization and clashes between government forces and rebel fighters take place. In urban centers, the informal settlers, who are branded as squatters, are the most common victims of demolitions to give way to commercial and infrastructure projects. The following are documented displacement data from June-December 2005 and January - May 2006.

Documentation of Displacement: June – December 2005
DateNo. of FamiliesNo. of IndividualsPlaceCauseEvacuationPerpetrator
7/20/05 30 houses of Indigenous People: Ibaloi Clans   Baguio City Use of Government land reservation – government reservation being used as dairy farm and research facility   City Govt. / DA
7/23/05 300 families 1400 individuals Bgys. Mabini, Maglilinab, Basey Samar Massive military operation – were forced to flee their homes out of fear as the sound of gunfire draw close to their village Town gymnasium 46th Infantry Brigade under Lt. Col. Manuel Ramos
7/29/05 12 families 55 individuals Bgy. Sooc, Arevalo, Leyte Massive rain and flooding Bgy. Day care center Natural Disaster
9/8/05 400 families 1755 individuals Guindulungan & Talayan Towns, Maguindanao Prolonged military operations against the Abu Sayyaf Evacuation centers Military
9/17/05 140 families 600 individuals Bgy. Bansoy, Matag-ob Leyte Due to flood Elementary school Natural Disaster
9/17/05 100 families 450 individuals Bgys. Banglos & Anoling, Gen. Nakar, Quezon Fearful of the repeat of another flash flood from the Agos river Moved to higher grounds Natural Disaster
9/17/05 138 families 589 individuals Bgy. Buca, Candaba, Pamp. Raging flood waters at the Pampanga River Moved to homes of relatives Natural Disaster
9/17/05 100 families   Paltic, Dingalan, Aurora Due to heavy rains causing the river to overflow – residents became wary of floods and landslides. Took refuge in the homes of relatives Natural Disaster
9/17/05 3 families   South Poblacion, Gabaldon Same as above   Natural Disaster
10/4/05 3000 families   Guindulungan, Talayan Town Returned home    
10/8/05 1400 families 6200 individuals San Luis, Aurora Intensified military operations: bombings, restriction of movement, food blockades Evacuated to Dingalan (other residents were barred from leaving their place) 48th Infantry Battalion under Lt. Col. Joselito Kakilala
few families Brgy. Dimanayut & Dicapinisan
10/27/05 Undetermined number of villagers   Bgy. Magansin, Palimbang Sultan Kudarat Hostilities between two rival MNLF factions   MNLF factions
11/28/05 11,200 families 50400 individuals Bulacan Due to the right of way of the North Rail Project Meycauayan, Marilao, Bocaue, Balagtas, Guiguinto and Malolos National Housing Authority
11/17/05 470 families (new evacuees, aside from those already in evacuation since the hostilities begun. Number of evacuees reaches 1000). 1880 individuals Panamao and Indanan towns in Sulu Caused by new fighting that erupted between government troops against Abu Sayyaf and Misuari Breakaway Group   104th Brigade
11/24/05   Nearly 5000 residents of three villages fled their homes and farms Indanan, Sulu The fighting broke out when the military's counter terrorism task force ran into a large group of Abu Sayyaf rebels in the mountains near Indanan   Military
11/24/05 800 families 3600 individuals From the villages of San Mateo, Antonino, Mangahan & Bgy. Bungoy, Dolores Quezon Fled their homes since Monday for being caught in the crossfire between communist gunmen and government soldiers. Church and town halls Military
11/25/05 More than 1000 families 5000 individuals Dolores, Candelaria, Tiaong Quezon Residents from these different villages fled their homes since Monday for fear of being caught in the crossfire between communist gunmen and government soldiers.   Military
12/7/05 About 3000 families from 14 villages of Lucena City 12000 individuals Lucena City Due to continued rain as flood continues to rise. Schools and barangay halls Natural Disaster
12/9/05 20,274 families 120,000 individuals Calapan, Mindoro Due to floods City hall Natural Disaster
12/15/05 5000 people   Aborlan, Dimaran, Taytay in Palawan Due to heavy rains and flooding Evacuation centers in the municipalities Natural Disaster
345 families
272 families
250 families
12/18/05 1,750 families fled their homes 7500 individuals Bgys Sta. Cruz, Tres Reyes, Divina Pastora, San Rafael and Santiago in Bato Camarines Sur, Bikol Due to heavy rains and flooding   Natural Disaster
12/19/05 1125 families from 102 villages 4500 individuals Calapan, Naujan, Baco, Oriental Mindoro Due to heavy rains and flooding Evacuation centers Natural Disaster
869 families consisting of 3,555 individuals in 30 barangays

Calapan City proper

340 individuals Najuan, Oriental Mindoro
12/20/05 2700 families 10,855 people Oriental Mindoro Due to heavy rains In evacuation centers and other shelters Natural Disaster

193 families

772 people


200 families

755 people

Camarines Sur

105 families 400 people Palawan
12/26/05 Hundreds of residents evacuated to higher grounds   Lakeside villages in Marawi city (Taraka, Tamparan, Masiu, Ditsa-an, Ramain, Una Bayabao, Ubong) and at least seven towns in Lanao del Sur Floods due to continued rains Madaris and relatives who live in higher grounds Natural Disaster
12/31/05 500 families 2000 individuals Casiguran, Aurora Due to heavy rains and flooding Town hall Natural Disaster


  • 24 incidents of displacements from June to December 2005

  • 7 caused by the military’s operations against the MILF or NPA

  • 2 caused by national and city governments [urban displacements]

  • 15 caused by natural disasters specifically floods, landslides

  • Heavily affected provinces come from Eastern, Central and Southern Luzon, Western and Central Mindanao

  • 235, 711 individuals


  • Less cases of urban as well as rural displacements were noted during the period; few newspapers carries news about pocket displacements in other provinces.

  • Period covered is characterized by Gloria scandal

  • Media coverage were focused on the Gloria scandal

  • Extra judicial killings of known leftist sympathizers were also reported during this time.

Documentation of Displacement: January – May 2006
DateNo. of FamiliesNo. of IndividualsPlaceCauseEvacuationPerpetrator
1/27/06 25 families 120 individuals Casiguran, Aurora Heavy rains causing Town hall Natural disaster
6 barangays 3600 individuals Dipaniguan, Dibolo, Dimalundo, Digumasid, Bucal Sur/Norte, Ayod Floods & landslides - isolated by floods
20 families 65 individuals Ilagan town - Bgy. Cabcab, Buhangin, Aurora Safer grounds Natural disaster
2/03/06 750 families 3000 individuals Sta. Ignacia, Tarlac Due to clashes between government troops and communist rebels, many of them left their villages Houses of relatives Col. Ricardo Garcia – chief of Army 702 Infantry Brigade Lt. Col. Gregory Cayetano – Commander 71st Infantry Battalion
2/14/06 924 families 3558 individuals 14 Barangays of San Francisco, Panaon Island, Southern Leyte Have been forced to leave their homes after continuous heavy rains for over a week causing the river to swell & triggered numerous landslides Evacuees are staying at the town's gym, parish centers & schools Natural disaster
250 families 1010 individulas Bgy. Habay, gabi, Bungawisan Due to flooding – irrigation system in Habay was damaged, the river overflowed Natural disaster
100 families Marayag
2/15/06 1099 families 4612 individuals 15 villages in Saban Francisco, Panaon Island – Sta. Paz Norte/Sur, Tinaan, Kahayag, Jabay, Tuno, Gabi, Dalin, Punta, Bonggawisan, Sabang Ubos, Central, Marayag, Sudmon, Pinamilaan Non stop rains spawning floods and mudslides Natural disaster
2/18/06 2 – 3000 families 12000 individuals Ginsaungon, So. Leyte Mud and rock slides Natural disaster
3/22/06 98 families 588 individuals 3 farming villages in Motiong Samara

Military operations against NPA insurgents

Counter insurgency operations
For fear of being caught in the cross fire

Sought refuge in a public elem. School in their relatives homes

Relatives’ house, municipal hall

Soldiers of the Army’s 34th Infantry Battalion led by Col. Glorvida Dida and based in San Jorge town.

100 families

600 individuals

Bgy. Hagisay (San Jose de Buan)

37 families

222 individuals

San Andres

31 families

186 individuals

30 families 180 individuals Sto. Nino
4/20/06 100 mostly women and children Bgy, Tugal, Midsayap, North Cotabato 50 armed men attacked Bgy. Tugal Midsayap. The attack came 3 days after MILF renegades killed the barangay chair Tubog Pulalong a former MILF field commander Multi purpose building in Bgy. Nas, Midsayap, Notrh Cotabato 3 armed men: - could have been misunderstanding in the past. (He & his militias were involved in previous misunderstanding with other armed group operating in the villages of Mindanao.
4/21/06 70 houses, gov't structures have already been demolished At least 200 families are protesting – who are going to be displaced by the project (Samahan ng Nagkakaisang Resident eng Agusuhin) Samanra 150 residents rendered homeless Sitio Agusuhin, Subic, Zambales Construction of what is deemed as the country's largest ship building facility consisting of a 230 hectare lot along the Redondo peninsula – failure to giv3 proper compensation for their houses and a relocation site. Hanjin Shipping Company
5/01/06 51 families 200 individuals Sitio Agusuhin, Subic Zambales Violence broke out when residents resisted the demolition of their homes on the construction site. They refused to leave their homes until they were transferred to the relocation site Relocation Site: Sitio Mahumling in Bgy. Cawag. ( 70 families have already been relocated) Hanjin Shipping Company
Presence of soldiers
5/02/06 +4000 people failed to return to their homes in 4 villages in Patikul town – Bgys. Kabuntakan, Kandabal, Maligoy, Darayan since 2000 4000 individuals Sulu War on Abu Sayyaf Some of them are still residing in Danagkatipat & Jolo town Marine brigade
5/08/06 Hundreds of Agta families - Nap Bundicho = President Of AGTA (Adhikain ng mga Grupong Taong Katutubo na Nagtatanggol sa Lupang Ninuno) Sierra Madre Due to the military's counterinsurgency program – military have been suspecting that Agta settlements were serving as sanctuaries for rebels especially during military operations. Gen. Nakar and Infanta towns – Bgy. Katublingan temporary shelter, tribal center for development Polilio island. Military


  • 34, 191 individuals were affected by displacements during the period as reported in the newspapers;

  • 14 cases of displacements

  • cases were caused by armed conflict; 7 cases caused by natural; disasters and 2 cases caused by a private company affected provinces were from Eastern and Central Luzon, Western and Central Mindanao, Eastern Visayas