Child's Rights Programming in Community-Based Disaster Management

The mainstreaming of child’s rights programming in community based disaster management is a project aimed to mainstream Child’s Rights Programming in Community-Based Disaster Management. BALAY with the Center for Disaster Preparedness and the Save the Children UK initiated this project along with the local community leaders of GINAPALADTAKA. The project has required process of series of consultation to be involved by the different stakeholders.

The goal of the project Mainstreaming Child’s Rights Programming in Community-Based Disaster Management is to contribute to the enhancement of the capacities of communities, especially the poor and marginalized, to protect themselves and the children, thereby reducing their vulnerability when disaster strikes. The project attempted to encourage the mainstreaming of child-responsive programs and responses among stakeholders in the context of CBDM.

The implementation of the Child Oriented Participatory Risk Assessment-Child Responsive Community Disaster Risk Preparedness Plans were made in GINPALADTAKA.

The training module entitled Integrating Children’s Rights in Local Disaster Management Governance was made, pre-tested, revised and used in the Training of Trainers.

Networking and multi-stakeholder participation and cooperation among community members, government agencies and civil society partners for convergence. Mainstreaming child’s rights programming into community based disaster management.

Participatory consultations about the project among the Local Project Management Group and the Project Proponent Team were done (planning, implementation, evaluation). Since the LPMG consists of LGU’s, civil society and the Barangay leaders, it facilitated the participation of the community members.

Child Oriented Participatory Risk Assessment (COPRA) was developed and later on undertaken in the community level. Said COPRA was the basis of the module making. Having seen it first done in the field. From the practice and experience of COPRA in the field, the conceptualization of the Child-oriented Community Based Disaster Risk Management module was realized.

The training included modules on Protecting Children in Disaster Situations, Integrating Child’s Rights Programming in Local Governance, Concept of Community Based Disaster Risk Management among others. A guide was also developed which included lesson plan, hand-outs, visuals, reference, materials/ readings.

The project also included training of community trainers. Topic on CBDM, COPRA and facilitation skills were given to the selected community facilitators. A pre-Testing of Module was done after the training in one of the barangays in the GiNaPaLaDTaKa. Community facilitators facilitated the entire topic during the field activity.

Part of the project also included teachers training on School based CRP-CBDM. The training was held in Kidapawan on April 22-24, 2006 and was attended by 21 teachers from the seven schools of the Spaces for Peace Barangays. The output of the training is a school-based disaster preparedness and management plan.